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A suite on modern times. Malignant narcissism, social media, virtual mobs, memes and madness. It's a wonderful world. Also, none of these songs are about you. Nope. Not a one.


released September 9, 2018

words and music by Frank Cwiklik

recorded and edited using Reaper and Adobe Audition at DMTheatrics Laboratories, Brooklyn

virtual instruments used include UJAM Virtual Guitar and East/West Play series

samples, loops, and instruments sourced from PG Music, Native Instruments, Big Fish Audio, Loop Loft, Prime Loops, and the East/West virtual instrument library

mixed and mastered in Adobe Audition, using Waves and Izotope plugins

be kind rewind


all rights reserved



DMTheatrics New York, New York

DMTheatrics has been creating theater, film, and trouble since 1999.

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Track Name: Year Zero and the Dull Embrace of the Perpetual Now
there is no history
there is no tomorrow
there is only now and what we want and what we say we are
there is only how we feel and what we need and what we have to hand right now

don't need to know your name
to know you're next in line
fire up your torches boys
I've found our new Frankenstein
won't bother reading the charges
you're guilty anyhow
you'll come to love the dull embrace of the perpetual now

we've got our blades in hand
let's break out that Glasgow smile
it's the least we can do
to let you groan for a while
then you'll pick up arms and join us in our virtuous vow
there's nothing but the dull embrace of the perpetual now

I like this new regalia
do you think it suits me well
what an awesome sight to see our army marching to Hell
all is permitted but not forgotten
we can use it somehow
we've weaponized the dull embrace of the perpetual now

have you forgotten how you treated me that one distant time
now every slight and mistake becomes a federal crime
you best burn all of your books and wipe your memory somehow
resign yourself into the smog of the perpetual now

definitions are suggestions
up and down are just illusion
all your words defined as violence
all my violence is peformance

every grudge a new beginning and they're growing in size
you're so besotted with your power that you don't realize
that all the guns are turning, pointing at your own sweating brow
they've come to master all the rules of the perpetual now

“how'd I end up in here
I was your friend” he wailed
well that was yesterday
I'm afraid that warship has sailed
a gruesome parody of all the things you said were allowed
we've come to love the dull embrace of the perpetual now
definitions are suggestions
up and down are just illusions
your very being is a construct
every law is just a guideline

every man a firing squad
all the torpedos circle back around
form a circle in the village square
Track Name: Spaghetti Western
when the day has ended
and the night has drawn its shadows
and you're tossing restless
teased by all your indiscretions
lazy lights aglowing in a haze of stolen whiskey
deep within the fog you spy a silent angry ghost

your sins are stacked and waiting
and the past another country
the lonely winds are blowing
through the gaps around the door
wound within the horsehair a forgotten gold medallion
a past you may have thrown away or lost who can remember anymore

no one else is waiting at your door
now the past is over
all those years of trying led you to another failure
time your only jailer

the burning rays of daylight
and another stretch of desert
dodging death and insects
and your own misgotten lore
the orange sands are shifting to reveal your broken ruins
laughing hieroglyphics and a wedding dress of stone

they say the truth is out there
if by out there you mean heaven
when they say you're lying
tell them “only in the gutter”
a broken arm is reaching out for another empty bottle
knock into the altar and sweep all the unlit candles to the floor

now the ghosts are kicking down the door
the past is never over
more waiting and complaining and what for
now the ghosts are tearing up the floor
what's the use in running anymore
Track Name: Not All Heroes Wear Capes
I'm glad he died
I'm glad he died
I'm sure you remember when he told that joke that had us mortified
Thank God she's gone
Thank God she's gone
I shall not associate with people of her background from now on

If I ball my fists up and I thrust my arms out straight from side to side
And I whip them both around like helicopter rotors wild and wide
And I twist my body at the waist like I'm a giant wrist
Connected to a giant fist
If you get hit
It's not my fault

Here comes a thread 1/
Here comes a thread 2/
All you silly backward little people better get it thru your head
I've come to know
I've learned to grow
All those things I used to think that you still think are dumb and have to go

If I ball my fists up and I thrust my arms out straight from side to side
And I whip them both around like helicopter rotors wild and wide
If I twist my body at the waist like I'm a giant wrist
Connected to a giant fist
And you get hit
It's not my fault


I don't like thing
I don't like thing
Thus and so you must stop your enjoyment of these very nasty things
Where are you now
what when and how
What do you mean you made plans when I made plans your plans are not allowed

If I ball my fists up and I thrust my arms out straight from side to side
And I whip them both around like helicopter rotors wild and wide
And I twist my body at the waist like I'm a giant wrist
Connected to a giant fist
And you get hit
It's not my fault

where did everybody go
Track Name: New Leather Raincoat
New leather raincoat theft is a bargain
lace up my boots and I'll march for a mile
I am a good man my cause is a just one
pull up a bucket I'll preach for a while
I'll have the answers before you have questions
Don't question my answers just give me a smile
I'm made of kerosene, guilt and catastrophe
I am a weapon for all I believe and belief is divine
I move like astroglide nasty and terrified
Up and away and away and away
I am slicing through time
It's all so simple now I can see everything
Don't say my name
Not a name
You've been searching
Well I have solutions certain and trembling and cold as the dead
What's that you're saying I can't really hear you over these voices that cough in my head
Rainbows in ashes and knives in the gutter
My cause is a just one and one step ahead
Don't take that tone with me I'm the hall monitor
I am the man and the man is a man who is quick to upset
Shut up when you talk to me silence your heresy
We've your best interests at heart
Don't let's start what was that was that a threat
Do you know who I am
Don't you know who I am
Who do you know
Do you know
Don't pray
Down on your knees and don't pray
Don't pray
Hands on your knees and don't pray
I am a superstar I am the commissar I've got a list and you're on it and so are your family and friends
I'll tell you who you are I'll tell you what you are I'll tell you what your words mean til they change
and they'll change til the end
Isn't this fun to do isn't this fun for you isn't this fun
Hey get up Hey
Don't pray
Hands on your knees and don't pray
Don't pray
Heads to the wall and don't pray
Track Name: Glenn Miller
Glenn Miller went down in the ocean
Somewhere between England and France
We took down the bunting and banners
And cancelled the band for the dance
The movie show is smoking in ruins
And the library went up in flames
There's nothing to eat
But moss, stones and peat
And we've only ourselves for the blame
You can't read a book or a comic
Or kick back and cheer at a game
There are no more lighthearted farces
And every damn movie's the same
The songs are composed by committee
They hate everything that you are
There isn't much call
For escapism now
Everything's timid and hard
just wanted to get away
They're using their stories as weapons
And all of the jokes are attacks
So on one turns on the TV anymore
And unsold books pile up in stacks
While artists conduct inquisitions
And burn all the witches at proms
We toss veggies and meats
And tear up our seats
Using our cushions as bombs
just wanted to get away
Track Name: You Can't Fool Me There is No Morality Clause
I bet Shakespeare was a player
He had his pick of all the chorus boys
This used to be my town
I used to get around
Now I'm stuck here between these windowless walls
While all those bastards are denying it all
Stop acting so offended
This didn't start with me
The casting couch bit is older than time
They knew the routine
They were standing in line
Baby take a number
You're not my only customer
You wanna make a movie
I bet you have a screenplay
Everyone comes to this town with a dream
That the cheers and applause will drown out all the screams
You wanna be a pop star
I'll introduce you to some people
I loved you in that one thing
Now let's see you dressed in nothing
Don't you dare pretend this is your first rodeo
Reliable sources say you're ready to go
This is how business is done dear
You knew that when you came here
These streets are made of mayhem
The roads are paved with failures
Used to have a table with my name on a plaque
Til they rolled me like a drunk and knifed me in the back
No one will remember this
No one really cares
A hundred years on they'll remember my name
My work is immortal
It'll outlast my shame
You’re nothing but a footnote
Art lives on forever
Don't push me I'll start talking
Piss me off and I'll start naming names
And now they're all acting like they hadn't a clue
Don't let them fool you baby everyone knew
You know Chaplin was a player
He had his way with all the chorus girls
Track Name: (Fear) The House of Love
you can pray if you want to
cry all day if you want to I don't really care
you're not going anywhere
you can fight if you want to
scream all night if you want to but no one can hear
you're not getting out of here
fear the house of love
warm and easy
comin on down
fear the house of love
hand of iron in a velvet glove
oh we're not letting you go
oh I'm not letting them know
fear the house of love
we've been learning for a hundred years
fear the house of love
the night of reckoning is coming near
oh and there's nowhere to go
I wanna know where you're going
everyone here is knowing what you'd rather they not know
you're not the only one here, you know
slow down I'm not playing
you gonna have to be paying for the rest of your days
how did you think this was gonna play
fear the house of love
big and roomy
stronger than time
fear the house of love
keep on trying
I got all night
oh we're not letting you go
oh there's nowhere to go
fear the house of love
we are the government and we own the cops
fear the house of love
the fire is started and it's never gonna stop
oh get ready to go
oh it's ready to blow
fear the house of love
coming through the windows and up through the floor
fear the house of love
climbing up the walls and blocking all the doors
oh there's nowhere to go
oh decided ages ago
Track Name: Alex Jones vs Yoga Mom
When I was barely in my twenties
I learned a valuable lesson from a handsome tender man who must have been at least twice my age
It was a magical weekend
I'll always treasure those memories
Yes I know you're not supposed to say that out loud nowadays
So now I pay it forward and I pass these secrets on to you
And you have no idea the nasty things that this old broad can do
I can be your fantasy or be your cold reality
Did you hear what I told you
Can you stop messing with the radio
I've learned Victoria's secret
And the uproarious secret is that girls of your generation don't know how to strut their stuff
A little light conversation, then a trip to the bedroom
I am trying to seduce you are my signals not enough
You are aware I want you for body not your intellect
I don't really care about your bullshit from the internet
Keep your mouth shut when you're not between my knees you idiot
You're ruining everything
No I don't want to debate you
Say could you leave in the morning
Better yet this evening
I would hate to have the neighbors realize what I have done
Well I'm sure that I'm sorry
You were the one who came to soon
You say you're disappointed well you're not the only one
wait I'm sorry I said that
can we keep it between us
maybe something between us was there a spark or was just me
Can you put your phone away while I'm showing off my lingerie
did I mention I'm flexible
did I mention the pilates
Put down the phone
I'm standing right here
Jet fuel false flag fear Washington
Seth Rich ancient aliens NSA
Flouride in the water gonna turn frogs gay
Military Industrial complex
Track Name: Teach Me How To Lie (from #LEAR) (pop version)
I never really tried
I don't know how to cheat
And I'm not sure how to hide
I am a clumsy man
Eager and untried
I'd like to prove I am completely qualified
And so I have come to ask
Teach me how to lie
I promise not to look you in the eye

I know it will be hard
I'm grateful for the pain
I am low in your regard
But I will not complain
I get the hint, I understand, you disapprove
I'll take your notes to heart
I promise to improve and so
I see why you're the guy
Can teach me how to lie
And now my confidence is high

Can't stand the selfies that I'm getting on this phone
Maybe it's the size
But I barely recognize
My own face when I am taking pictures all alone
People used to think it sad when you had to take your own damn photo
Now it's so convenient we don't need to have a friend
Other than the chaps
On our social apps
We can pick and choose the folks we want to entertain
Curating interactions
Like a whispering campaign
Each smile a new transaction
And each shrug a daisy chain
And each calculated silence
Is like a glimpse of violence and I

Am growing confident
I'm feeling more secure
I am firm in my belief
But of what I'm not quite sure
Best watch your back for I am slowly gaining speed
The real me in the rear view mirror rapidly recedes
a ha – I think I'm catching on
Is this the way to lie
I caught that look of worry in your eye

And so it's come to this
I'd like to shake your hand
(gotta say you made a perfect teacher
(really got me feeling like a beautiful creature now)
Wish I had time to reminisce
But my day is strictly planned
(may I say you've been an awesome pupil
(really quite impressed how you threw all your scruples out)
It's such a shame to toss you underneath the bus
But the world has changed so quickly you're no longer one of us
In our world where lies are truth
And accidents are crimes
And all your past mistakes are dragged out in the sun and left to die

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